I AM HERE performance workshop
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I AM HERE performance workshop

The I AM HERE performance workshop offers support and structure to develop solos, duets and group pieces around the themes of “ Belonging”. the 10 week workshop culminates with a public showing consisting of spoken word, movement, and performance art which will be presented at The Culture House, in Grass Valley; June 6th & 9th.

During the workshop, each participant will be guided in a creation of their own solo piece based on their personal life experiences, stories, and passions. Through Lisa’s leadership, the solos will be interwoven into a collective tapestry; a performance that will move us beyond superficiality to evoke a visceral, heart felt experience for performers and audience alike.

This community workshop is open to all the arts- all levels- all ages- all genders. Join in and hone in on your performance skills in this inspiring, inquisitive space.

Date: April 5- May 24 : Fridays 5:30-7 pm; *

Workshop Location: Shine Collective

Performance location: The Culture House Collective, June 6-9th

Cost: $150

Register at the Home Page, or, connect with Lisa at the Contact Page

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