Dancing Reading Research Online

Thank you Michael, Paula, MaryKay, Dana, Celeste, Robbyn, Cassie, Beth, and Dawn- my dancing online buddies!

When we meet, we are all in our square spaces. These squares are stacked upon each other like a version of the game show Hollywood Squares. (Yes, I watched a lot of this show growing up.) It is part of our research to see what reads inside these squares and what doesn't. Sometimes, the movement score through the video stream seems flattened and less approachable. Other times, it's totally absorbing. For an example of something mesmerizing: A woman moving her hands through her hair in a frantic way ( in one box) while in another box, there is an open book in tight proximity to the camera, it's pages wildly flipping. Viewing movement in one square box, while in another is a moving prop, creates all sorts of exciting story lines and connections.

I'm headed to the National Dance Educators Organization Annual Convention. It's October 4-7 2018, in San Diego. My online dance friends and I are presenting the Dancing Reading Online Group. Our group reads an assigned book, then researches how to present the material in the book into a creative dance exploration that informs our dance making skills and deepens our understanding of the reading material while playing around with the online conference forum- all in one swoop! Tall order but it is a super fun and valuable time spent with these lovely dancing partners. Here is a photo of us on our GoToMeeting format. I am in the bottom left hand corner. Because it's the internet, we can meet from anywhere in the world, and we all live in very different locations. But this week at the San Diego NDEO Conference, we will meet each other in the flesh, all in one physical location for the first time!